What Are The Warning Signs Of A Stroke?

what are the warning signs of a stroke

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel He was the bad boy heartthrob of Beverley Hills 90210, the James Dean of the 1990s. He was a colon cancer awareness advocate. He was the father of two. He was Luke Perry. And on March 4th, 2019, at the age of 52, he died of a massive stroke. This…

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What Is Molly? Side Effects You Should Know

what is molly

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel Molly. That name sounds really cute and harmless, but who is Molly? What is Molly? Molly is the slang for the illegal synthetic drug also known as Ecstasy, and MDMA. It is a stimulant, and it causes a high with feelings of euphoria, love, intense emotional warmth, intimacy. It can…

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Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment – Syphilis Explained

tuskegee syphilis experiment

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel Do you know which disease was discovered in 1492 when Columbus sailed the ocean blue? Do you know what illness the American gangster Al Capone and the ruthless dictator Adolf Hitler had in common? And do you know which disease was studied in one of the most amoral, deplorable, and…

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What Is Guillain-Barre Syndrome?

what is guillain barre syndrome

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel In the documentary Surviving R. Kelly, numerous young ladies share the intense psychological trauma of abuse that they survived that was allegedly inflicted upon them by R. Kelly. But in that documentary, there’s one lady who reports that she is surviving a physical illness that she allegedly contracted from R.…

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5 Diet Do’s and Don’ts


Subscribe to my YouTube Channel Do you want to lose weight? Are you determined to meet all of your health and fitness goals this year? Do you find that every time you diet, you work and you work and you try to lose weight, but each time you step on that scale, it whispers something…

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What Is Brain Flu? Influenza Virus Exposed!

what is brain flu

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel Today I’m going to answer the question: what is brain flu?  I’m also going to give you a detailed overview of the influenza virus. I’ll talk about the flu shot. Should you get it, should you not? And I’ll also touch on viral meningitis.   On the reality show Ready to…

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HIV Myths, Symptoms, Signs and Treatment

HIV Myths, Symptoms, Signs and Treatment

HIV myths, symptoms, signs and treatment. December is HIV and AIDS Awareness Month, and when I was talking to a couple of my patients who are living with HIV and they were all excited and getting ready to go to one of the World Aids Day celebrations that were held in Atlanta, it reminded me of…

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Colon Cancer Symptoms, Treatment, Diagnosis, and Stages

colon cancer symptoms, treatment, diagnosis and stages

Today I’ll give you a detailed overview of colon cancer.  I’ll discuss colon cancer symptoms, treatment, diagnosis and stages.  Here’s everything you need to know.   Ever since Nene and Greg of the Real Housewives of Atlanta have been so open in sharing Greg’s diagnosis with colon cancer, I have been getting a lot of…

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Uterine Fibroids Symptoms, Signs, Causes and Treatment

uterine fibroids symptoms

Ladies, do you ever have abdominal pain or does your belly stick out like you’re pregnant, even when you’re not? Do you ever have trouble holding your bladder or do you have constipation? Have menstrual cycles that are so heavy and so prolonged that you would never dream of wearing white or wearing a swimsuit…

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7 Strategies For Managing Stress In The Workplace

strategies for managing stress in the workplace

When I did my previous video on stress, I got an overwhelming response that for most of you, the workplace is your major source of stress. Now, it’s normal to have stress in the workplace to a certain degree. But when this workplace stress becomes too great, it can actually decrease your productivity. It can decrease…

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