Capitol Hill Briefing on Kidney Disease Health Equity | Dr. Frita McRae Fisher Speaks


Subscribe to my YouTube Channel I had the pleasure of speaking to lawmakers at a Capitol Hill briefing to advocate for kidney disease patients to have better access to certain life-saving medications. The National Minority Quality Forum Action Network (NMQFAN) hosted a briefing for Congressional Staff Patient Advocates, medical stakeholders, and health equity leaders to…

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10 Chronic Kidney Disease Symptoms You Should Refuse To Ignore!

chronic kidney disease ckd

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel As a board-certified kidney doctor, one of the most painful parts of my career is when I see patients with kidney failure that could have been prevented, had only they recognized the early symptoms. The mind-blowing thing is that the top two causes of kidney failure and the top two…

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12 Most Frequent UTI Causes: You’re Not Alone!

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) are a common and complex health issue that affects millions of individuals every year. While anyone can develop a UTI, women are at a higher risk due to their anatomy. One of the most frequent UTI causes is bacteria from the digestive tract entering the urinary…

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What is Nephrotic Syndrome? Symptoms, Treatment, and Causes You SHOULD Know!

kidney pain nephrotic syndrome

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel What Is Nephrotic Syndrome? What is nephrotic syndrome? I’m Dr. Frita, I’m a board-certified nephrologist, which means I’m a medical doctor who specializes in kidney disease and high blood pressure and I’ll tell you exactly what it is. Nephrotic syndrome is a kidney disorder where you leak out excessive amounts…

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Top 8 Kidney Pain Symptoms and Causes You Should NEVER Ignore!

kidney pain symptoms and causes

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel I’m Dr. Frita, I am a board-certified nephrologist, which means I am a kidney disease specialist. Kidney pain is something I deal with in my practice day in and day out and there are so many types, whether it’s flank pain, abdominal pain, or pain when you urinate. And depending…

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