Suicide Warning Signs, Risk Factors and Prevention

suicide warnings signs

I’m going to talk about suicide warnings signs, risk factors, and prevention.  Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States. Each day, 123 Americans take their own lives. Each year, over 40,000 Americans commit suicide, and over 1 million Americans attempt to commit suicide. Suicide is a huge medical epidemic, yet…

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5 Ways Stress Affects Your Body and How To Reduce Stress

ways stress affects your body

Who doesn’t experience stress?  When you drive up the highway during 5:00 traffic, stress. When you agree to host your child’s end-of-the-year class party, when you know those kids get on your nerves, stress. When you are in a hurry, and without fail, you pick the one line in the grocery store that has a…

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Pancreatic Cancer Risk Factors, Causes and Symptoms

pancreatic cancer risk factors

Today I’ll be discussing pancreatic cancer risk factors, causes, and symptoms.  On August 16th, 2018, the world lost the 18 Grammy Award Winning, Gospel-inspired, piano playing, iconic songstress, Aretha Franklin. She was called to glory after a hard-fought battle with pancreatic cancer.   Pancreatic Cancer Risk Factors, Causes, and Symptoms.   Ever since the queen…

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Mosquito Diseases and Symptoms; What You Need To Know


I’m here in the beautiful country of Costa Rica. When most people travel, they concentrate on relaxation and being stress-free. They want to have all positive thoughts. Not me. When I travel, I’m focused on disease. I like to know the infections that are happening that I may be exposed to. I’m going to discuss…

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How Do You Get Lupus? Symptoms and Signs You Should Know

how do you get lupus

What do Toni Braxton, Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga and Trick Daddy all have in common? Lupus. How do you get lupus?   What Is Lupus?   Lupus, or systemic lupus erythematosus, is a disease of chronic inflammation that can affect any part of your body, including the joints, skin, hair, heart, brain, and the kidneys.…

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Skin Cancer Symptoms and Signs: Warnings You Need To Know

skin cancer symptoms and signs

As you prepare for your beach vacations and fun in the sun, are you properly protecting your skin from skin cancer? Can black people get skin cancer?  I’m going to share skin cancer symptoms and signs to help you raise your awareness about this disease. Do You Know Skin Cancer Symptoms and Signs?   Types…

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Complications Of Gout, Symptoms and Treatment

Complications Of Gout

What do David Wells, Jared Leto, Maurice Cheeks, and Benjamin Franklin all have in common? Gout. What is gout? I’m going to give you a deep dive into the complications of gout including symptoms, and treatment.   What Is Gout?   David Wells, the left-handed pitcher who has played for the New York Yankees, the…

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Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms and Treatment

Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms and Treatment

What is your vitamin D level? Could you have vitamin D deficiency? I’m going give you an overview of vitamin d deficiency symptoms and treatments.  I’ll also cover vitamin D deficiency effects and risk factors and more.   Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms   Everyone seems to be talking about vitamin D lately. But what’s the…

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Kidney Stones Risk Factors, Symptoms and Treatment

kidney stones risk factors

What medical condition takes my strongest, toughest patients down to their knees in pain? Kidney stones. I’m going to discuss kidney stones risk factors, common causes of kidney stones, kidney stones treatment, passing kidney stones and much more.   While most people do not consider kidney stones to be precious gems, some celebrities have actually…

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Signs And Symptoms Of Allergic Rhinitis


Do spring flowers and bright blue skies give you a runny nose and itching eyes?  Seasonal allergies. I’m going to explore the signs and symptoms of allergic rhinitis and well as treatment options.   We complain all through the bitter, cold winter, and we can’t wait to get to the warm spring. But for many…

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