Building Resilience Through Reflection & Gratitude: A Motivational Speech

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Dr. Frita - Frita McRae Fisher, M.D. is an inspiring triple board-certified medical doctor with a passion for empowering people to become advocates for their own health.

Not only is she the founder and president of a successful nephrology practice (Midtown Atlanta Nephrology, P.C.) and the medical director of a non-profit dialysis unit (DCI), but she has also made it her mission to provide accessible medical advice to everyone. With over half a million subscribers on her YouTube channel, appearances on popular television shows like HLN Weekend Express and Fox News Live, and the Emmy Award Winning Paternity Court, Dr. Frita is dedicated to helping people understand their health with ease.

Additionally, she has been an active board member of the National Kidney Foundation since 2014 and the author of Under Pressure - A Guide to Controlling High Blood Pressure; not to mention her Healthy Happy Life Podcast!

Truly dedicated to helping others learn more about their health, Dr. Frita continues her mission to educate individuals about living their happiest and healthiest lives.
Dr. Frita - Frita McRae Fisher, M.D.
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Subscribe to my YouTube Channel I had the honor of being the Keynote Speaker for the Atlanta Black Nurses Association’s 10th Annual Prayer Breakfast. Below is a transcript of my speech about building resilience through reflection & gratitude from that day, I hope that you enjoy it. – I won’t dance. I promise. Good morning.…

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